Warranty Details

If you have purchased a Karün product, you have the possibility to subscribe to THE NEST warranty. What does that mean?

With THE NEST warranty, we commit to always be there for you:

- We will always support you; every problem has a solution.

- Manufacturing defaults are covered for a period of 1 full year, offering free exchange.

- If your product has reached the end of life, we can offer you to recycle it, with a 25% discount on a new purchase.

If it falls under warranty: 1-year warranty on manufacturing defaults on all Karün products (excl. lenses). Karün will repair if possible, exchange if not repairable and recycle the broken frame / parts. Free return for client.

If it does not fall under warranty: do not hesitate to contact us to check the recycling option in exchange of a 25% discount ticket.

Contact us to europe@karunworld.com for any of these services. To make this effective, be so kind to include the following information on your email message: 

1- How can Karün be of any assistance to resolve your issue?

2- What happened - please describe the issue + send images.

3- Which model do you have (Check inside of temple - 8-character code).

4- Where did you buy the Karun product? (Please include the receipt or proof of purchase).

5- When did you buy the Karun product? (Please include the receipt or proof of purchase).

6- Provide us with your contact information (Full name, address, and phone number).


The guarantee is not valid globally. This is due to the fact that there are local restrictions of consumer laws and different taxes in each market.