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to place orders you have to follow 3 steps:


You can place order in 2 different ways

1. Buy a 24 pack for USD 1,000: 

You can choose from our suggested packs (All Frames, All Sun, Best Seller, Shailene Woodley) or you can customize it and select the 24 units that you want. If you buy whatever 24 pack you will get extra benefits:


By chosen a 24 pack you will

get a special discount


Karün Training platform 

and Certificate: 

Is an Individual e-learning of 1.5 hours / self paced learning and interactive study about Environmental Issues, Recycling, Circular Manufacturing, Social Consciousness and the Karün Story.

Once you complete the training you will receive an “Sustainability Certification”. 


 Pop Material:

By buying a 24 pack you will get 3 Karün’s glorifiers that helps to accent the display Area.

2. Shop from catalogue:

If you want to buy less than 24 units, you can choose the designs you want from our catalogue



Once you add the products to the cart, proceed to checkout and fill the required information:

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We have a flat shipping rate of USD 15 per order


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