Lens Type

Polarized v/s Non Polarized Lenses:

Sun light doesn’t reach the eye only vertically but from all different possible directions. It becomes unpleasant when it gets reflected on flat surfaces because it can cause eyestrain and glare.

The polarized lens has a vertical filter that reduces irritating reflected light when the sunlight hits a wet road, snow, water or metallic surfaces.


Lenses Colors:

Grey: These are very versatile, they don’t change much the color perception and are great for all kinds of situations. Grey lenses reduce eyestrain, which makes them great for driving.

Brown/Copper: Enhances brightness and are usually worn for mid-low light conditions. This tint block the blue light and also enhance the contrasts and depth perception, which makes them great for cloudy/foggy days.

Green: The green lens ensures better clarity of vision and remarkable colour contrast, providing a more 'natural vision'.

Blue: Reduces yellow light and helps to define contours.