New collection, but different ...
It's the way we do more.

In Karün we have always felt a craving for doing more. That is why launching a new collection has a deeper meaning for us; they are new designs, colours and materials that allows us to grow our impact network in one of the few regions that keep its natural richness and also inspire people to reflect on their role on earth.

The look

Sunglasses Franca Havana Brown - Karün Europe - Sunglasses
Sunglasses Jorobada Gunmetal - Karün Europe - Sunglasses

More than 100 new glasses in 4 categories; urban, outdoor, sports and optical, with a greater variety of prices.

For the first time we are including recycled metal in a collection, growing our network of local collectors.

Meet our favorites here

Hot Picks
Sunglasses Jorobada Bronze - Karün Europe - Sunglasses

Jorobada Bronze


Sunglasses Coipo Black Gunmetal - Karün Europe - Sunglasses

Coipo Dark Gunmetal


Sunglasses Orca Blue - Karün Europe - Sunglasses

Orca Blue


Hot Picks
Sunglasses Pinguino Dark Yellow - Karün Europe - Sunglasses

Pinguino Dark Yellow


Sold out
Sunglasses Franca Dark Red - Karün Europe - Sunglasses

Franca Red


Sunglasses Octay Havana Brown - Karün Europe - Sunglasses

Octay Havana Brown


Octay Brown

Sunglasses Puma Black - Karün Europe - Sunglasses

Puma Black


Let's look at the world from another point of view.