These are the recommendations from the Karün Community!

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Together with our Karün Community, we collect movies, documentaries, books, talks and more and we consolidate them in this blog to make the days of quarantine more enjoyable because today is when we understand most that collaboration is the best way to inhabit this world. Click here to read the blog...

We've talked about the importance of staying connected, of interacting in times of isolation, and in that process, we came up with an idea. We are a community of 25 thousand followers on Instagram (@karunchile) What if we, together, try to find better ways of enduring the lockdown? That's how we started asking for the ones you should not miss, the most recommended books, movies, talks, and videos our community suggests. 

We made a compilation of these recommendations, the most mentioned and built this blog post with the intention of sharing what our community showed us. An example of collaboration and connection in these hard quarantined days. Because even in distance, we can be together. 

Without further ado, let's catch up with all the recommended titles!  

I. Movies or Documentaries

1) Captain Fantastic

What happens when a family of 8, that has been raised for over 10 years in the wilderness, isolated from modern life, have to come back to civilization? Find out in this charming, inspiring and fun movie starred by Viggo Mortensen. 

2) Instinct

A movie about the life and mind of an anthropologist that has lived for years in the Ruanda jungle together with gorillas as family. The coexistence with primates has supposedly led him to hurt and kill African park rangers, and therefore being chased by justice. A young and bright psychiatrist will try to find the reasons behind all of this but will turn out to end in a wonderful adventure about the truth and humankind's nature.    

3) InnSaei

InnSaei will give you a radical point of view on how we think and feel in today's world. Two people embark on a cultural journey around the world to demonstrate the beauty and uniqueness of a part of the planet we have not yet discovered.

4) Into The Wild

A naive and idealistic Christopher McCandless embarks on an introspective journey under the name of Alexander Supertram, where he leaves all of his savings and possessions behind in order to leave civilization and head to Alaska, where he hopes to find the true meaning of life in direct contact with nature. An adaptation of Jon Krakauer's book, directed by Sean Penn. 

5) Ram Dass, Going Home

A 30-minute experience for a deep and poetic encounter with the cultural and spiritual icon Ram Dass, all from his house in Maui on the last days of his life. You can find the short story on Netflix. 

6) Free Solo

A story of obsession and danger on the verge of death. Free Solo is a documentary that features Alex Honnold's feat of free soloing climb the wall known as “El Capitán” in Yosemite's National Park in the US, being the first and only climber to achieve the task.

7) Chasing Coral

A documentary that shows an oceanic adventure and work of a group of scientists and photographers set to discover the reason behind the fast disappearance of coral reefs. All accompanied by the highest production standards. You can find it on Netflix. 

8) Wild Chile: Un Viaje Salvaje (A Wild Journey)

(Photograph: Wild Chile)

A series-documentary production by CNTV and Chilevisión that follows the journey of Karün friends, René Araneda and Susannah Buchan through Chile, going after the footsteps of the most attractive and beautiful wildlife. Find the episodes here.

9) The Game Changers

Elite athletes, special ops soldiers, some of the most important scientists and culture icons unite in this documentary in order to change the way people live and eat based on a vegetable product diet. You can find it on Netflix. 

10) Night On Earth

Have you ever wondered how animals live while we sleep? That question is answered in this Netflix documentary that shows unseen images of nature. A film where the wonders and surprises of the night world are revealed. 

11) The Last Honey Hunter

(Photograph: Felt Soul Media)

For years, members of the Kulung culture in Nepal have risked their lives climbing deadly cliffs in order to find a unique wild and toxic honey. A deep and dark documentary with high cultural value. You can see it here.

12) Estado Salmonero (Salmon State)

A production thought out to show us the abuse on coastlines and ocean in Chile. All told through the perspective of an activist, professional surfer and Karün messenger, Ramón Navarro, find it here.

II. Books

1) La Invención de la Naturaleza (Invention of Nature)

(Photograph: WDR Radio)

A book by Andrea Wulf reveals the incredible life on the german naturalist Alexander von Humboldt where he narrates how he came up with a new way of understanding nature and all of us around it.

2) Thirst

A story of redemption, compassion, and a mission to bring clean water to the world. A book was written by Scott Harrison, founder, and CEO of Charity Water, where he tells us how he changed his filled of excesses life to dedicate it to philanthropy.

3) Ishmael

Ishmael is one of the most loved novels about spiritual adventure and self-communion. A book written by Daniel Quinn that examines the mythology, its effects on ethics and how it relates to sustainability. All told through a dialogue between a teacher and his student that will take them to rethink the history of mankind and propose new ways to avoid earth's human destruction.

4) Let my people go surfing

A book by Yvon Chouinard that narrates the story of a wandering rock-climber and the education of a rebel businessman. In this text, the founder of Patagonia describes his life and the beginnings as a salesman to end up creating a giant company with an ecological mission.

5) Thank you for being late

A book by Thomas Friedman where he exposes giant technological achievements of mankind, like Everest climbers having cell phone signals, or self-driving cars and how mother nature has been left behind in times where CO2 levels rise and species distinguish. 

6) 365 solutions to reduce carbon emissions

As the title says, 365 practical advice to apply in your daily activities in order to fight climate change. They are not only recommendations, but you also get numbers and statistics that will provide you with an idea of how much energy you can save.

7) El hijo del pescador (The son of the Fisherman)

(Photograph: Rodrigo Farias Moreno)

This book tells the story of the Karün messenger, Ramón Navarro, surfer born in Punta de Lobos, part of the 9th generation of fishermen. The author Chris Malloy explains the strong bond between Ramón and the ocean thanks to his family and sport discipline to be able to preserve the coasts of Chile and especially where he grew up.

8) 5 AM Club

A fun story between two strangers that meet an eccentric businessman who ends up being their mentor, this book will deliver a deep personal impact and expose routines that have made it possible for many people to achieve big goals, happiness, and vitality.

9) Nacidos para Correr (Born to Run)

The journalist Christopher McDougall -commonly injured runner- asked himself, why do my feet hurt? without knowing that this question would take him to discover the incredible story of the Tarahumara Indians, a tribe that has perfected the ability to run hundreds of kilometers barefoot and without injuries for centuries.

III. Talks or Videos

1) A Story For Tomorrow

(Photograph: Gnarly Bay)

A 6 minutes video capable of showing the beauty from north to south of Chile. Made by a couple that traveled through the country for 5 weeks, accompanied by an ideal soundtrack. You can watch it here.

2) The Bowl

In Kenya, a bowl that was fixed through needle and thread and a Canadian cinematographer are the perfect mix for this video. This is what Peter McKinnon learned and experienced in his trip through the African country as an ambassador of World Vision. See the video here.

3) Founding Patagonia & Living Simply

A talk by Yvon Chouinard, respected climber, surfer, ambientalist and also the founder of Patagonia, where he talks about his history and life experiences that have led him to carry his characteristic lifestyle and companies. See the full talk here

4) Discurso Steve Jobs en la Universidad de Stanford

The co-founder of Apple and Pixar gives the commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005, inspiring students to follow their dreams and finding opportunities even in the lowest moment in life. Hear the speech here. 

5) Cómo los árboles se comunican entre sí (How Trees Communicate Between Them)

Over 30 years of research and studies in the forest of Canada have led Suzanne Simar, ecologist, to think that a forest is much more than we see. And as the title says, trees communicate, even in long distances. Find out more of Simard´s discoveries in her TED talk here.

6) Todos deberíamos ser feministas (We Should All Be Feminists)

(Photograph: TED)

We teach girls to be ambitious, but not too ambitious… that they can succeed, but not too much because that threatens men. This is one of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's phrases in her TED talk, where she invites to dream and plan a new, different and just world for men and women. Watch the talk here.  

7) Douglas Tompkins: Wild Legacy

A video made as an homage to the diseased Douglas Tompkins, a renowned adventurer, businessman and ambientalist, founder of The North Face and creator of one of the largest routes of national parks in Chile. This short story shows passages of the life and work of Tompkins, experiences that led him to build the legacy we know today. Watch it here.


If you think we missed a movie, series, book, video or talk and you want to share it with us, or you just have questions or suggestions, you can write to us at or contact us here.