We are all nature
During the first weekend of March, a group of ten women from different parts of Sweden came for a weekend to stay..

We welcomed our first guests to Karün's Swedish lodge!

During the first weekend of March, a group of ten women from different parts of Sweden came for a weekend to stay with our Europe Community Manager Lucia, who showed them around, took them ski touring, held a Karün storyline workshop and many other things.

The idea of bringing together this amazing group of people was so we could all connect with each other and together create a special weekend in nature. We are all very different people, with different jobs, ambitions and passions in life, but at the same time very similar. We share the same thoughts about what is to be nature and we are all aware of the fact that we only have one planet and that we need to protect it every single day.

On Saturday morning we went ski touring with a local guide, who brought us hiking to 2 different peaks close to the lodge, showed us snow safety techniques and then, after a picnic at the very top, we skied all the way down through untouched powdery slopes. Here are some photos of the adventure!

On Saturday night, we gathered together in our brand new Karün exposition room - where we have all of our sunglass models, the raw materials they are made from, some cozy sofas and a TV to watch videos / documentaries by the fire. There, the group was able to gain a deeper insight into Karün’s story, our value chain and about the different communities we work with all the way down in Patagonia.

As a South American brand starting to grow in the Northern countries of Europe, we want to make sure that the distance between our origins and our customers is not a problem. We want to make sure that everyone who owns a pair of Karün sunglasses wears them because they share our values and that by wearing them, they are inspiring other people to look at the world from a different point of view.

Let us introduce you these 10 amazing women:

  • Ebba Forsgren is a young adventurer and skier from Åre, who works as a Community Manager at House Be — a creative workspace where many start-ups and digital entrepreneurs gather to share ideas and projects. Ebba loves skiing, hiking, traveling, eating chocolate and meeting new people! She is passionate about spending time in nature as well as preserving it, so she dedicates a lot of her time figuring out how to make planet Earth a better place for us to live.
  • Kajsa Silow is a Swedish professional adventurer, expedition guide, UX designer and co-founder of She has been living as a (digital) nomad for many years, she loves camping under the stars in remote places and she is planning a trip down to Antarctica next winter.
  • Andrea Holm is a multitasking athlete with lots of energy who loves skiing, surfing, climbing, doing yoga, skating, diving and pretty much all other things one can do to activate oneself. Whenever she is not traveling to surfing destinations, she works at a climbing gym in Stockholm.
  • Emma Lerider Harryson is a creative soul who loves skiing and spending time in nature. She is a full-time student, studying sustainable design, and on top of that she works part-time at Klättermusen, a Swedish innovative outdoor gear brand.
  • Emma Gabrielsson is based in Stockholm, but her heart lives in Åre. Every time she has a couple of days off she drives up to the mountains to go skiing with the rest of the girls! She works at Houdini Sportswear, a sustainable outdoor brand, in project management and customer experience.
  • Mercedes Lundström is an energetic yoga and meditation teacher as well as a professional adventurer. She particularly loves combining the two professions into one. She lives in Åre but takes every chance she gets to escape to India, Indonesia, Mongolia and other places where she can keep living her magical lifestyle. She led us through a fun active meditation and shaking session on Sunday before leaving!
  • Nicole Modigh is an entrepreneur who runs her company Free Spirit Shaking Soul as well as the non-profit organisation Wild Heights. She creates hand-made jewellery and art from reused materials, and actively works for the social and environmental improvement of this planet.
  • Salli Skött is an artist who loves snowboarding and spending time in the mountains. She is a professional designer and right now, she works with her start-up Fjällknop, where she creates interior and fashion accessories using reused and recycled materials.
  • Alexandra Edebo is a professional ski cross athlete. She travels around the world competing in the World Cup, and was the European Cup overall winner in 2018. She combines her lifestyle with studies, hard physical training most of us could only imagine doing, and learning how to play the guitar.
  • Lif Hydén is a surfer who loves doing long trips with her boyfriend in their self-made converted van. She is a professional writer and journalist, freelancing and working on her own projects.


The girls left the lodge feeling grateful, inspired and full of positive energy, and that is what matters to us. Here are some quotes they wrote in their social media:

 “10 pictures are not enough to justify this weekend in Fjällnäs with some new some old friends and @karunworld hosted by @nebredalucia and @ebbaforsgren 💚 So much fun, inspiration and love for our planet and people”

Sunglasses from @karunworld ! What a amazing inspiring company! With my whole heart, check out their vision and longing, they have a big heart for nature. WE ARE ALL NATURE! @karunworld @karunchile”

"A weekend on steroids!!!! MUCHAS GRACIAS @karunworld for the invite to the Lodge as well as for all the goodness you provide the world with. I’m in awe of your work and your values. AND of these power ladies who made the trip so special! Let’s look at the world from a different point of view.”

We will be having many more weekends like this one, so stay tuned and read more about the upcoming weekends on our various channels.